Jack Maverik (jackmaverik) wrote,
Jack Maverik

The Disaster Generation

Back in 2000 I read this book called "The Millennials" trying to decribe the new generation.

At the time, I thought that that was a good name for our generation (Better than Gen Y). It was basically a name that meant that we came of age during the turn of the new millennium. In the year 2000 we had very little to define our generation. No WWII, No Vietnam, No Reagan.

Now... I think I have a better name for our generation.

We are - The Disaster Generation.

In our time growing up, we've grown up and dealt with the following.

First World Trade Center Bombing
The Backstreet Boys
The Tsunami
Hurricane Katrina

and the list goes on

Most of those things have all happened in less than 10 years of eachother.

It's like our entire generation has come of age during all these global castrophies (especially the Backstreet Boys).

However, all is not lost. I think these things have taught our generation about globalization and really eliminated any seeds of isolationism that still exsists in America. I think they have all hammered home the idea that we have to act as a responsible member of the world community at large and not just look out for our best interest.

So here's to you Disaster Generation.

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