Jack Maverik (jackmaverik) wrote,
Jack Maverik

Hello 2006

So. Is this my yearly livejournal?

It seems so.

Lots of changes. Good ones. I'm expecting two more weeks of drama, then I'm in the clear and can stop being a dirtbag friend. Weird to see how things can change in such a short period of time.

If you haven't talked to me in awhile, that's probably both our faults.

I haven't been digital since late September or so.

Yes, *I*, Jack Maverik have exsisted completely and solely analog for like 1/3 of a year or so.

I'm awesome.

Oh how I missed you digital world. Everythings so electric.

I'm dumb.

Talk to you later.

Jack Maverik

Oh yeah. Hell froze over. I have a fuckin' cell phone.

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