Jack Maverik (jackmaverik) wrote,
Jack Maverik


I'll tell a story in numbers.

23 years on earth.
2 years in Arizona
3 years away from the East Coast
18 days until that 3rd year anniversary
18 days til we headline the Marquee Theatre
4 times I've been in love
2 Guitar Amps
2 Guitars (I pawned my 12 string for a drive belt on my Vespa)
3 Vespas
2 Tom Petty Posters
1 Number of girls over 18 I've fooled around with.
3 Albums I've been intimately involved with
1 Times I've booked the Marquee Theatre
2 Months till January when Jess comes home.
1 year and 1 month since Jess and I met.
2 Months until I start recording the solo record
5 songs to appear on the first CD
2 EPs to be simultaneously released.
3 months since August and the whole Makenna thing.
7 years left to live (us rock and rollers don't last well past 30)
1 life
1 chance
1 opportunity.
100 Percent I put into my life
86 cents left for the month
0 boxes of Mac n Cheese left
Infinity - the amount I've been blessed with my band, my friends, and everyone in my life. Good or bad. Everyone is in my life for a reason. Finding out that reason, is the hard part.
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