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Jack Maverik's Journal

21st July, 2015. 1:32 am. 2015

Can you believe this site is still here? That my blog is still here? That the world is still here? I've changed a lot. The world has changed a lot. Everything seems very different. It feels more detailed and nuanced. My heart is a heavy little sack tonight. I wish to be the guy I was when I started this thing. He seemed like a cool dude. Come over sometime.

All I've got left, is love to lose.

Current mood: crushed.

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29th January, 2011. 4:43 am. yesterday

 josie moved out into another room. :(

Sad man.


She'll be missed.

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12th August, 2009. 1:46 am. Hi 2009

 So I own a bar. I have no money. I have this pretty girl named josie who lives in my bed. I'm tired and my back kinda hurts.

Life, overall, is pretty good.

Hi Livejournal. It's been awhile. 

See you in another 3 years.


and josie takes a nap with peaches.  And sucks their juice. She's a very strange bird. <3 her.

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1st February, 2006. 1:01 am. The Disaster Generation

Back in 2000 I read this book called "The Millennials" trying to decribe the new generation.

At the time, I thought that that was a good name for our generation (Better than Gen Y). It was basically a name that meant that we came of age during the turn of the new millennium. In the year 2000 we had very little to define our generation. No WWII, No Vietnam, No Reagan.

Now... I think I have a better name for our generation.

We are - The Disaster Generation.

In our time growing up, we've grown up and dealt with the following.

First World Trade Center Bombing
The Backstreet Boys
The Tsunami
Hurricane Katrina

and the list goes on

Most of those things have all happened in less than 10 years of eachother.

It's like our entire generation has come of age during all these global castrophies (especially the Backstreet Boys).

However, all is not lost. I think these things have taught our generation about globalization and really eliminated any seeds of isolationism that still exsists in America. I think they have all hammered home the idea that we have to act as a responsible member of the world community at large and not just look out for our best interest.

So here's to you Disaster Generation.


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13th January, 2006. 4:25 am. Hello 2006

So. Is this my yearly livejournal?

It seems so.

Lots of changes. Good ones. I'm expecting two more weeks of drama, then I'm in the clear and can stop being a dirtbag friend. Weird to see how things can change in such a short period of time.

If you haven't talked to me in awhile, that's probably both our faults.

I haven't been digital since late September or so.

Yes, *I*, Jack Maverik have exsisted completely and solely analog for like 1/3 of a year or so.

I'm awesome.

Oh how I missed you digital world. Everythings so electric.

I'm dumb.

Talk to you later.

Jack Maverik

Oh yeah. Hell froze over. I have a fuckin' cell phone.


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9th January, 2005. 1:14 am. 2005? Yup

Okay. So this year has been going really really awesome.

I am loving 2005. Lots of good stuff with the band, we're recording new music. Got this hookup with a company in Florida that could become real fruitful, I started running the recording studio, new girl, and all that good stuff.

My new years resolution?

To be heartless.

Yes, to be heartless.

I think it would make a lot of things easier. I could make out with girls and do what I wanted without really having to give a shit about them. The advantage? Well, I'd go further with them, cuz I wouldn't care if I was using them or not. I'd get what *I* wanted, not what I think would be best for both of us. I'd take people for all they were worth (which would help me out), and keep on keeping on. And then when they try to screw me over, it won't really matter, cuz I wouldn't really care about them.

It'd be fun!

But anyway, I don't want it this to be a downer, and all my LiveJournal stuff seems to just be me bitching. It's all good, really. I am loving 2005 a whole lot. Just a few snags. I am curious as to whether or not to go to the Studio right now or not. Hmmmmm...

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13th December, 2004. 3:57 am. The process

So it's Monday the 13th.

I feel really used. I feel totally used by a lot of people that I thought were my friends.

Maybe I feel used by people I wanted more out of. I really don't know. I hate the way it makes me feel though. I feel like I was just something to pass the time. Or maybe just by knowing me, it made you feel cool. And the closer they get to me, the less cool I become. So they keep me at a distance, you know?

Because I'm their "cool" friend. And people like the way that fits into their lives.

Well I'm sick of being used. I'm sick of being the best person I possibly can.

I'm sick of actling like a dirtbag and feeling bad about it. Why can't I just act like some other people? Not all the time, but just every once in awhile. Without regret.

Fuck. I just wish I didn't have to feel like this.

I wish things were different.

Sometimes I wish I were different.

Maybe people would like me less. And thus, like me more.

Jack Maverik

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8th November, 2004. 2:38 am. Numerology

I'll tell a story in numbers.

23 years on earth.
2 years in Arizona
3 years away from the East Coast
18 days until that 3rd year anniversary
18 days til we headline the Marquee Theatre
4 times I've been in love
2 Guitar Amps
2 Guitars (I pawned my 12 string for a drive belt on my Vespa)
3 Vespas
2 Tom Petty Posters
1 Number of girls over 18 I've fooled around with.
3 Albums I've been intimately involved with
1 Times I've booked the Marquee Theatre
2 Months till January when Jess comes home.
1 year and 1 month since Jess and I met.
2 Months until I start recording the solo record
5 songs to appear on the first CD
2 EPs to be simultaneously released.
3 months since August and the whole Makenna thing.
7 years left to live (us rock and rollers don't last well past 30)
1 life
1 chance
1 opportunity.
100 Percent I put into my life
86 cents left for the month
0 boxes of Mac n Cheese left
Infinity - the amount I've been blessed with my band, my friends, and everyone in my life. Good or bad. Everyone is in my life for a reason. Finding out that reason, is the hard part.

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2nd November, 2004. 9:49 pm. I'd rather vote for her

She wants me

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2nd November, 2004. 5:10 pm. Elections and stuff.

I'm a statistic! Yay!

Actually. I was a very undecided voter this entire process. Given the two candidates in 2000, I leaned more towards George Bush (even though, I voted for Nader, because the establishment of a third party aligns closer to my personal politics than any of the candidates in that election).

This election I was pretty torn. There are things I like about President Bush. I lived in New Jersey when 9-11 happened. I grew up there in the shadow of NYC, and thought he did a pretty awesome job after 9-11 happened. It was a horrible day (I was working at a newspaper at the time), and he stood up and I actually felt really confident after it. I felt like we had this purpose and direction. I felt that my generation had something other than Columbine to define itself by.

I like arrogant presidents. I like people who have beliefs and live and die by them. I like Presidents who say "You elected me, this is what i'm doing. Deal." I respect that, encourage that, and I like it when presidents take charge.

I thought Bush did that.

However, the War in Iraq was a pretty big thing. And those are the people I went to high school with getting killed over there. So I had to think long and hard about the War in Iraq and where I stood on it. I had been an advocate of taking over Iraq for a long time. I personally feel like we should just take over the middle east at times.

So I asked myself...

Is taking over Iraq a good thing? Yes I do think that it is.
Did we have enough reasons to attack them? Yes I think we did.
Were the reasons we used to attack them just? No. I don't think they were.

I really feel like Saddam would have given us a good enough reason. It was just a matter of time. I also feel like we probably had good enough reasons to go in, but lying to the American people wasn't a good thing.

I don't respect that. I feel the same way about Clinton. Do I care he got a blowjob? No. Do I care that he lied? Yes.

So I feel I was lied to. And I feel that a lot of what America worked decades to acheive (a good standing with the world community) was squandered over this decision.

So I was very undecided.

Today I voted Kerry, because I'm a progressive person. I'm much more interested in where we're going than we've been.

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